About us

Naturally_deliciousss offers very personal,professional and bespoke service from start to finish.We create your dream cakes  from fresh and natural ingredients to make sure that you feel very special. 

 You can customise our cakes for order to the specific needs.

We offer various flavors of cream and sponge cakes; redvelvet,carotcake,browni,vanila,chocolate ,lemon and more..amazing flavor to try.We know how to make cakes very well,our pastry Chef has been creating them for 25 years and we are sure that our cake for order are perfect for weddings,christening,birthdays,holy communions or other occasions. We also offering photo cake.
You can order exactly what you like in a very easy way, just send a e-mail with picture to us and we will ensure that you recieve the best quality product no matter the occasions.

We base in Romford and we are best!!